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Moving Europe is a support and documentation project, which emerged as a joint initiative of bordermonitoring.eu, welcome2europe and Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht&Migration in September 2015. While European states are forging increasingly restrictive agendas, the Moving Europe project aims to support movement across European borders through complementary forms of practical intervention and critical analysis. Our founding statement explaining the project background is available here: Europe at Crossroads.

To support refugees and migrants struggling at the multiple borders along the Balkanroute, Moving Europe is present with a mobile InfoBus. The aims of the bus are to document the situation on the Balkanroute, to provide independent information for people on the move, and to strengthen political networks along the route. Moving Europe distributes the collected information as printed flyers, and posts regular updates on the w2eu Livefeed. At the same time, Moving Europe documents the consequences of political decisions, border violence and the resistance against it (see Reports and Analysis). For updates on the increasingly deteriorating situation at the Greek-Maceodonian border, the team present in Idomeni posts regular updates on the Idomeni Liveticker.

Moving Europe is supported by Medico International.

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