Call from Moving Europe

Call from Moving Europe,, Welcome to Europe

  • Call for local presence and transnational support!
  • Solidarity with the protests in Eidomeni!
  • Freedom of movement through the Balkans for all!

Last Friday the government of Slovenia started to refuse border crossings and the transfer of all refugees and migrants, who cannot prove to come from Syria, Irak and Afghanistan. Hardly to imagine that the Austrian and German ministers did not agree or not even inspire to do such a new massive attack on the refugee movement through the Balkans. And as expected the governments of Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia followed this new policy of selection and closed the borders for the filtered groups as well. Now thousands of refugees and migrants mainly from Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Morocco are blocked near Eidomeni at the greek-macedonian border, but they immediately started with protests, blockades and hunger strikes.

We call for solidarity with this important resistance to keep open the Balkans corridor:

  • by direct support on the spot with infra-structure, food, information and documentation
  • by spreading the demands of the protesters and to give visibility to this resistance to all medias in Europe and beyond
  • to organize information events and solidarity activities everywhere

Spread and share the following video clips and texts and informations as much as possible: