Call Out: The situation in Serbia is getting worse

The situation in Serbia is getting worse every day and as winter approaches the need increases. At the moment more than six thousand migrants are stuck in Serbia from which more than one thousand just in Belgrade, without basic human necessities being covered such as a roof, sanitary amenities, proper nutrition and above all, they are being treated on a daily basis as inferiors.

We are an independent group with a strong political focus who`s been active in Belgrade since the beginning of this year. Our specific support changes along with the situation and the different needs but we have regular tasks which help us reach our goals. We bring Chai twice a day to one of the main parks where the people on the move spend their time, which as the weather gets colder is greatly welcomed and at the same time is a great opportunity to get in touch with the immediate situation. As the circumstances requires it, there are other targeted humanitarian actions –sometimes– with the help of different organization.

We investigate and write about the current situation and publish it manly in two canals:

We need people from November on here in Belgrade and everyone who shares our believes is welcomed! We stand for same rights for everybody, no matter gender, place of birth or religion. We believe in non-hierarchal self-organized structures and fight for freedom of movement and settlement for all. We reject how migrants are presented in the media, as a homogeneous group of people and as voiceless subjects.

We are happy to inform you personally about the situation previously upon your arrival.


E-Mail: refugeesupportserbia(at)