Live Ticker: 07.02.2016

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Reportedly, yesterday night a group of refugees tried to block the highway towards the border in protest of the long waiting time (4 days) at the gas station in Polykastro. They were quickly removed by the police. Some refugees announced that they would go on hunger strike if they were kept at the gas station for more days. Around the gas station there was an increased police presence, keeping people from walking on the highway as well as from walking on the field roads behind the camp. The camp is becoming a closed area, where people are no longer allowed to move freely.

Today though, the people who have been waiting for several days could cross the border into Macedonia. With the steady flow of buses to Idomeni, the situation at the gas station was calmer than in the last days.

Yesterday and today more people were allowed to cross the border, as state authorities were obviously afraid of further protest in the border areas.