Moving Europe Video: Idomeni, March 2016


In 2015, refugees and migrants opened a path to Europe, shaking the EU border regime to its foundations. In the following months the EU struggled to regain control over the movement of the people. In an attempt to stop this movement, the EU closed the corridor through the Balkans in March 2016.

This video by Moving Europe documents the ensuing situation in Idomeni in March 2016: The difficult and degrading conditions in Idomeni camp, and the struggles against border policies imposing control and containment.

Instead of listening to the demands of the protesters to „Open the border!“, the Greek government evicted Idomeni in May 2016, deploying 1400 police officers to the camp. Thousands of refugees were forced to go to state-run camps where the conditions are equally bad or even worse than in Idomeni.

Thus, the situation remains unsolved: If the Balkancorridor was open, nobody would have to bear the inhumane conditions in the camps – neither in Idomeni nor in any other camp in Greece.