Police Neglect the Camp and Criminalise Activists Who Distribute Food

This report was sent to Moving Europe by activists seeking to document the situation in Chios

Yesterday, March 23 2016, an activist on Chios reported about police repression towards activists and moreover about the police neglecting the camp in Vial.

On Tuesday, after a refugee protest had taken place inside the camp, some activists were arrested but later released. Then, yesterday, when they had gone to the camp and stood outside the fence to talk to refugees and hand them some food, the police came, took their ID and trespassed them from the place (which is a public road), saying it was a “restricted area”.

Moreover, they then heard the rumour from a person working for the NGO inside the camp that the police had left the camp, claiming that tensions between different refugee groups were too big. Later, we got the information from a refugee detained inside that three Syrian people were wounded in a fight, including a woman. It seems that after that, two or three police officers re-entered the site.

It seems that despite our efforts to bring the public to this place, there is still little to no press and the same small group of activists remaining as there was in the first place. The police can do pretty much anything, and people inside are in danger! They lack food, medicine, the sanitary situation is a catastrophe, there is no information and no access to asylum! And now, the police even try to keep away the only independent people trying to monitor the situation.

Find a detailed report on the previous incidents here, written by one activist who is on Chios:

Refugee Trail