Press Release on Chios

“The situation is so bad. No blankets, no place to sleep. They don’t talk to us, they don’t give us milk for children, and the food is bad. We are in a place like a prison, although we didn’t do anything wrong. We don’t get medical supplies and no doctor comes to see us, and they don’t give us any clothes or blankets. We sleep on the floor.”

This was reported by a young female refugee who is detained in the new detention center on Chios, located in VIAL, a former military base. It is located near a huge dumpsite and it is not visible on Google maps (when entering VIAL), but these are the coordinates.

Ever since the new deal between the EU and Turkey was implemented on Sunday, all refugees arriving on Greek islands are being held in detention. Here, on Chios, all people are being brought to this very place, because it is the only facility that has proper prison-like equipment to keep refugees inside and helpers and goods outside.

The military is not in charge anymore, but instead the government, cooperating with UNHCR and the NORWEGIAN REFUGEE COUNCIL who are in charge of food supply.

There is no tap water (and no chance to wash oneself or clothes), almost no baby food, parents crying for food for their children. People sleep on cardboards inside (which seems to be the standard for everybody …).

Most importantly, refugees do not get access to the Greek Asylum Service here. There is no official representative here, no way to claim Asylum.

Helpers are not allowed to access. Food and Supplies have been thrown over the fence or handed through under it.

There is no press there.

See some pictures here, taken by activists and refugees.

For further information, contact: 0049 1577 35666 05 or 0030 698 372 56 93.