10.05.2016: Hotel Plaza in Athens

Upate from the occupied Hotel Plaza in Athens

Since the 22nd of April 2016 Hotel Plaza in Athens is occupied. On that day, activists and refugees joined action to squat an abandoned hotel in the northern center of Athens. The goal: To creat accomondation for refugees in dignity and run the hotel collectively. In this hotel it’s possible what the Greek state and the charity organisations have failed upon: Accomondation for hundreds of refugees, regardless of their status or nationality.

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Hotel run collecticely

The occupants of “Hotel Plaza”, as well as its new inhabitants, believe in a solution that is achieved collectively. So far, the hotel has kept on going well. All rooms have been cleaned and people have moved in. The kitchen is in use, and part of the dining hall has been turned into a children’s area, and detailed shift plans wait for people to sign in, be it security, cooking or cleaning. Still, daily assemblies are being held. Apart form finances and room issues, also the political strategies to argue for the maintenance of the hotel play a role.

Donate for safe accomodation for almost 400 people

Hotel City Plaza provides a safe and dignified accomondation to almost 400 refugees. It is hard to see so many more people coming to the hotel and asking for a room and seeking shelter. But the hotel is already full.  To maintain the Hotel, you can support the struggle in donating for food, electricity, medication, cleaning devices and detergents.

Account for donations
Verein zur Förderung antirassistischer Arbeit in Sachsen-Anhalt n.e.V.
IBAN: DE76 8005 3762 1894 0553 02
Reason for transfer: Hotel Plaza

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