29.05.2016: Kalochori

Several camps were set up in Kalochori, a mainly industrial district in the west of Thessaloniki. When Moving Europe visited some of these camps in Kalochori, we were told about another camp nearby. Several people reported outrageous conditions, and M. at Vasileos camp in the Kalochori district said: “It is the worst camp I’ve been to”.

Industrial buildings, warehouses, factories and empty buildings dominate the streets of Kalochori. Part of the camp is on an empty field, where many tents are set up. The other part is an empty, half-constructed building and several warehouses with tents inside. The Moving Europe team was informed that at least 800 people were brought here. Moreover, we reencountered people who had been denied access to other camps a few days ago, because the authorities transported people to these camps although they did not have more capacities.

The military and police are present in the camp, and they are watching the camp from top of one of the empty houses. The outside part of the camp is located on gravel ground, with no protection from the sun. Showers are still missing, there are only outside toilets and water tabs, similar to most of the other camps.