No Border Camp Thessaloniki: 15-24 July 2016

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Networking Meeting Balkan route program

Saturday, 16th of July

11.00 – 13.00
Opening Plenary – Welcome, Introduction, Inputs, first Discussion
Input 1: “Everything is possible” – the amazing dynamics of 2015;
Input 2: After the EU-Turkey Deal – the new border regime in the Aegean;
Input 3: Back to the Underground railway – new/old challenges of support and solidarity;
Input 4: Between transit and common social struggles – how to connect the various aspirations and realities?
15.30 – 17.30
Workshop Slot I
Back to the Underground railway? Ongoing daily struggles and transnational perspectives on the Balkan route
Five parallel workshops:
1.    The consequences after the EU-Turkey-deal;
2.    Webguides: Welcome to Greece and Welcome to Italy;
3.    Solidarity along the Balkan Route: from financial support to common actions against repression;
4.    Live feed of w2eu as information tool – and Alarmphone Balkan as a new project?
5.    Mapping and other ideas of support along the route.
(1.5 hours break)
19.00 – 21.00
Workshop Slot II
Solidarity and support: Self-organisation, mixed organisation, volunteers, transnationalisation
Four parallel workshops:
1.    Experiences in social centers and squats;
2.    Travelling groups/journeys (back) to the borders;
3.    Multilingual newspapers and online magazine/platforms;
4.    Between empathic support and unpaid crowd management; Ambivalences of the volunteers’ engagement.

Sunday, 17th of July

16.00 – 18.00
Workshop Slot III
Common social struggles, sensitivity versus criminalisation
Three parallel workshops:
1.    Housing, health-service, education: perspectives of common social struggles for a social infrastructure;
2.    Working, exploitation, rights: how to resist the racist hierarchies in the labour market?
3.    Denouncement, criminalisation, sensitivity: How to break the fear and repression in the border areas?
19.00 to 21.00
Final plenary: Brief conclusions from the workshops, Discussion on Perspectives
Sunday later Evening (22.00…)
Short Film Festival – Clips and Videos from the external borders and from the Balkan Route