12.11.2015 Dimitrovgrad

At the Bulgarian-Serbian Border

Registration Camp in Dimitrovgrad: Usually, migrants that come via Bulgaria, arrive in Dimitrovgrad (Serbia), a little town, that is 4 km from the Serbian-Bulgarian Border. They have to register at a camp, that is managed by the Serbian border police. It was reported to us, that you can go out of the camp freely and buy food and drinks at a little grocery store in front of the camp. The UNHCR and Red Cross are present there, but it was reported, that they close their tents at 4 p.m.

Further travel possibilities: Taxi drivers are waiting in front and offer a ride to Belgrade for 200 Euro. You can also buy a bus ticket to Belgrade for 25 Euro, money that is sometimes provided by volunteers. The volunteers camp is located in the same area as the police station with the tent of the red cross and the presence of the UNHCR.