Information on registration papers in Serbia

As there were several questions about the role of the Serbian registration papers, we want to share the information we have about them at the moment:

Registration papers for Serbia are given to migrants in the registration camps in Prešovo and Dimitrovgrad. These papers allow migrants to stay in Serbia for 72 hours.

It seems that the Serbian government don’t want that anyone enters transport to Croatia without these papers. So these papers are officially necessary for the further travel to Croatia. It was reported to us, that for example no one can enter the buses from Prešovo to Šid without these papers. Furthermore, it was reported to us that people were not allowed to enter the trains to Croatia departing from Šid without these papers. The buses from Belgrade to Šid are not regularly controlled, but civil police sometimes does so.

However, there are also reports, that people were not asked for papers on any passage, you have to be lucky then.

Generally speaking, it might be good to have the Serbian registration papers, otherwise the further journey will be riskier and it might happen that migrants cannot move on. If migrants don’t have the papers, they can get registration in Belgrade where there is one police station that works 24 hours every day (Adress: Savska 35 str, near the railway station, 10 minutes by walk). It is also possible at police stations in other cities that have a foreigners’ office.

In Croatia: It was reported to us, that once migrants entered the train to Croatia, these Serbian registration papers are not important anymore, because Croatia itself doesn’t seem to care about them at the moment.