05.11.2015 Dobova

At the Croatian-Slovenian border

Currently Dobova is the main entrance point into Slovenia. There are about four to five trains each day arriving at Dobova. These trains start from the Serbian-Croatian border, each carrying about 1200 refugees. At the train station in Dobova, refugees are registered. Sometimes with photos, sometimes also with fingerprints, sometimes they only say their name and sometimes there is even no registration at all. This depends on the police capacity.

If the train station is overcrowded, refugees are transported to a nearby camp for registration by buses and taken back to the train station within a few hours (maximum one night). The trains from Dobova are going to the Austrian border (this needs only a few hours). Most of the trains are going to Sentilj/Spielfeld.

There is a small group of volunteers providing food and warm clothes at the train-station. Furthermore, Caritas, Red Cross and UNHCR-observers are present at Dobova. However, Slovenian police and army is controlling the camp and the train-station.

All in all the situation in Dobova seems to be very calm and everything seems to be well organized.