02.11.2015 Spielfeld

At the Slovenian-Austrian border

Austria is slowing down the transit process, which leads to overcrowding and a long queue in the corridor (“no man’s land”) between the Slovenian and the Austrian camp. There isn’t any kind of support for refugees waiting inside the corridor: no food, no water, no clothes, no medical help. Volunteers, NGOs and even the Red Cross are not allowed to enter the corridor and are prevented from distributing goods there. If you decide to leave the Slovenian camp, prepare yourself for long waiting hours in the cold, maybe even for staying in the corridor over night. Try to take food, water and warm clothes from the Slovenian camp.

On the Austrian side, the situation keeps mainly unchanged. But many volunteers have left the spot, so police and military are behaving more rigorously towards refugees. According to our observations there were no taxis on Monday, like the days before – there are only (free) buses.

There is a newly built-up railway station, which is only used by refugees. The new train station is only 100 meters away from the entrance to the Slovenian camp. According to one source we talked on the spot, every day two trains (each with approximately 1000 refugees inside) arrive per day at the train station. Sometimes, buses arrive as well.