31.10.2015 Spielfeld

At the Slovenian-Austrian border

After tense situations yesterday, authorities managed to re-install controlled procedures at the border crossing point between Slovenia and Austria. According to the officials – and our observations, everybody is allowed to cross the border, but the procedure slows down from time to time. You have to expect waiting / queuing up in the cold at the entrance to the Austrian reception camp. Right now, Austrian authorities allow groups of ca. 50 persons to cross the border every 20 minutes.

Slovenian authorities transport refugees to the Slovenian site of the border by bus or train. The camp there (Sentilj) is mainly organized by the Slovenian army. There is an police / army-controlled corridor between both camps. You have to walk about 100 meters from one camp to the other. It is permanently changing, how long you have to wait in this “No Man’s Land”. Sometimes people wait for only a few hours, sometimes much longer.

At the Austrian side there is some kind of infrastructure, run by the Austrian Army, the Austrian police, the Red Cross and volunteers providing some warm clothes, food and emergency medical help. But sometimes it is not enough for everyone. After staying in the Austrian camp for one or two hours, you will be guided to buses or taxis which take you to Graz, Vienna or Salzburg (and from there to Germany). Those who can afford, are allowed to take taxis to one of these destinations. A taxi ride to Vienna is about 400 Euro, to Salzburg (very close to German border) is about 500 Euro. Buses are for free. According to our observations, no registration is taking place in the Austrian camp.