26.5.2016: Day three of the Idomeni eviction

On this site we are collecting observations and information which residents of the camp send to us about the third day of the police operation in Idomeni.

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12:00 M., the last of our friends that remained in Idomeni until today, embarked a bus this morning. “The Police have taken all the people from Idomeni on buses now. There is no one left in the camp. They say they bring us to camps next to Thessaloniki. I could pack up all my things and now we are in a bus on our way to Thessaloniki.” M. states.

Meanwhile, our friends who decided to leave the camp on their own yesterday, are still waiting in the vicinity. “Someone told us the police will also come here and search for all the people around Idomeni to take them to the military camp. But we don’t want to go. Anyways, everyone is always lying to us. We don’t know whom to believe anymore. But so far we have not seen any police or military.” W. explains to us with a tired voice.

17:00 People who were brought from Idomeni to the camp in Oreokastro today are not allowed to enter the camp. Apparently they are assigned to this camp, but the police is keeping them from entering, as the camp is already full. They have no idea where to go and are afraid of waiting for the night outside.

At the same time, people who were brought to this camp in the last days want to leave. B. is considering to walk with his elderly father. “How far is it to walk from here to Thessaloniki?”, he asked. The conditions are particularly bad in the tents outside. It is very hot during the day, but cold at night. Further, the military is incapable of handling food and water distribution in an appropriate way.