Moving Europe workshop at Vienna Kritnet Conference


Humanitarianism, resistance and repression: about and above the humanitarian corridor and the so-called Balkanroute

Presenters: Mathias Fiedler, Fanny Müller-Uri, Kiri Santer, Vera Wriedt, Lore Salamon (Moving Europe)

Friday 27 May 2016, from 10 am – 6 pm

This workshop will examine the impact the so-called ‘humanitarian corridor’ of last autumn/winter had on migration struggles and solidarity structures. After the corridor closure in March 2016, this workshop will create a space in which to think retrospectively about experiences of politically active groups who supported and acted in solidarity with people on the move during the existence of the corridor. With the ambition of not romanticising this window of (relatively) safe passage to central Europe, the workshop will also seek to open questions regarding the future of solidarity organising in a Europe shaken by political and economical crisis. Amongst others it will ask: how to deal with state repression? How to face racism, paternalism and well-intended but poorly-practiced help? It will engage with the strategies currently used by people – both citizen and non-citizen – to resist against racialised borders and ask what kind of projects could make sense in the future.

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