Urgent call for supporting refugees in Serbia

The entire closing of the so called ‚Balkan route‘ forced by the EU in mid of march took refugees the only reasonably safe possibility to reach Germany or other EU-states. But besides militarized borders and inhuman treatment by authorities all along this way people still are using this route, either on their own or with the help of smugglers.

Belgrade is an important transit point for people traveling across this route. Many people arrive here from Macedonia and Bulgaria and try to organize their further travels through Hungary or Croatia. In Belgrade the effects of the border politics are directly visible: Several hundred people are stuck here and new groups arrive every day. Most of them are left even without the possibility to get shelter, proper food or information.

To contrast this development with compassion and humanity we, a group of transnational activists, established a support structure in Belgrade.

Right now we have a mobile kitchen to provide people with warm food every day and preparing abandoned homes as improvised shelters. Our focus is rather not on humanitarian aid (that actually should be provided by the authorities) but to cook together with the refugees, protest together, and learn from each other.

In the next few days many of our group have to leave and only some will stay in Belgrade. In order to continue this work we need more people to come to Serbia as soon as possible plus in the long term. There is a flat where you can sleep or take a rest and create new ideas. If you come, consider donations (money is most important since we can buy all ingredients in local shops, but used (smart) phones would be great!).

For working together with the local structures it would be best to stay for a longer time, at least one week.

You can contact us

For more information: https://openborder.noblogs.org/

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